Many of my artworks past and present are soon to be available in open or limited edition giclee prints.

Giclee is a high quality print method used for fine art. A combination of high image  resolution, archival quality paper and pigment based inks enable a reproduction that's very close to the original, which won't yellow or fade and will last more than a lifetime: 100-200 years to be exact!

For this reason they are more expensive than standard, mass produced prints that use dye based inks and low cost printers. Because of their high quality and long lifespan, giclee prints can increase in value, especially if limited editions.

I hand sign each print and will often embelish them which makes each one more original.

I am in the process of adding these to the shop, so please bear with me. In the meantime, if you see any original paintings that you'd like a print of, please contact me as they can be printed on demand.