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Kremasti, Rhodes

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The hotel hosting my artwork is not far from the centre of Kremasti on the Greek island of Rhodes. It's a small family run hotel with 28 apartment rooms.


 I visited for the first time in 2021 and very quickly realised that it would be the perfect place for a permanent exhibition of my art. A couple of meetings later, a collaboration project was underway and I began creating a collection that would compliment their decor and uplift and inspire the guests that stayed there.


With the use of vivid colours and uplifting abstract floral designs, I strived to produce a collection that would provoke feelings of well being similar to the exhilarated emotions of when we are on holiday. I used colours that are known to help uplift, relax and calm anxiety. Then when guests return home back to life's usual stresses, a print or original purchased and hung on the wall could help replicate those wonderful holiday vibes on a daily basis.


At the start of the new season in May 2022, I returned with my artwork and it was hung in each of the rooms and around the hotel and I couldn't be happier with the positive impact it has made. 

The hotel manager was thrilled also, saying: "They are absolutely beautiful. If I had gone out to try and find some artwork that would fit with the hotel, I would not have found any that were any better."

What an amazing compliment!

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The artwork is available to purchase publicly though my website store, and guests that stay at the hotel will have the opportunity to purchase both fine art prints and originals with an exclusive 15% discount.

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Check out my Instagram behind the scenes video reel

Art Residencies: Text
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